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Elite Ortho Bloom

 3,000.00 -  7,891.00
 2,550.00 -  6,313.00
This bright themed cutlery adds a new flavor to our Elite ortho collection, it’s a self contained unit for your dining area. Vibrant colored theme make the spoon looks different.



Elite Ortho Bright

 4,163.00 -  7,891.00
 2,289.00 -  6,313.00

Sometimes all we need is little whiteness all around along with some soft colors, this printed cutlery is more than a perfect choice if you like things in that way.


Elite Ortho Classic

 4,163.00 -  7,891.00
 3,122.00 -  6,313.00

We called it classic because it is way closer to Sheffield famous old collection prints which makes this cutlery more beautiful and mature.


Elite Ortho Eve

 4,163.00 -  7,891.00
 2,643.00 -  6,313.00

Some People like things sleek but they also look for colors in it, Vibrant colored cutlery can be a day changer if you like to impress with your choice.


Elite Ortho Floral

 4,100.00 -  7,891.00
 3,280.00 -  6,313.00
This is light wait cutlery more easy for daily use. It is the combination of vibrant and soft pattern.
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Elite Ortho Spoon

 3,260.00 6,502.00

It is one of our special collections which gives an elite sensation of dining with best printed cutlery.


Elite Ortho Techno

 4,163.00 -  7,891.00
 3,330.00 -  6,313.00