Aura Fortune Pearl

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Aura Fortune brings immense cutlery design for the ones who love soft and light theme spoon patterns, manufactured with a solid stainless steel body.

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Meer & Sons well know in this industry because of their vibrant color selection. These printed tools been use to spread attraction towards kids so they can make their mealtime fun with our color range. It can be a better choice for Breakfast & weekend food parties as those designs can make your summer more pleasant. Unique pattern of spoons & fork make your grip better to prevent fallen food and the shape of spoon looks amazing to those who keep an eye on your cutlery stock.

Our cutlery is a mixture of stainless steel & radiant catchy patterns so you can feel warm and less industrial.

Care Instructions:

  • Printed cutlery should be kept separately from other sets to maintain it’s vivid color & shine.
  • Make sure to handle the spoons & forks from its stem giving you a firm hold.
  • For the cutlery to be easy to clean & to reduce the risk of corrosion, always rinse off the remains of food immediately.
  • Right after washing your cutlery, dry it with a soft cloth. Don’t leave to dry naturally as water & dishwashers can leave stains/marks on your cutlery.

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